These are 5 star reviews from Yelp that have gotten put in their "not recommended section". Its not fair they take good reviews off because they "think" they aren't legit....

I need a book and a few more stars to describe how wonderful this place is!!  My wife and I each had superb massages this weekend and will definitely be back. Sharon is very friendly and professional and customizes to exactly what you want. All the extras (hot bamboo sticks, steam towels, aromas) compliment her skillful  "healing hands". If you are looking for the best massage in Ocean City and probably anywhere, look no further! ~ Duane E
I've had many massages in my life, but this one rated in the top 5.  I highly recommend Sharon! ~ Nancy C
If you are in the area of Ocean City, check out OC Healing Hands Massage.  I've been lucky enough to have many massages throughout my lifetime and  without a doubt, Sharon gives one of the best massages I've experienced to date.  She uses bamboo instead of hot stones and the mix of hot, cool, essential oils and techniques creates a wonderful experience.  Add to that the cutest room and you have the total package.  Don't miss it!!!!! ~ Joan T
My favorite place to get a massage when in OC. Sharon works wonders!! Best massage ever... ~Jennifer R
I have been going to Sharon Phillips for a few years and she is without doubt the best massage therapist I've had.  Sharon takes the time to customize what is needed every time I go in, which is about every two weeks because I have fibromyalgia and if I don't get the massage on schedule my muscles tighten up causing pain.  I have had regular massages for 18 years and she offers special treatment that other places may charge for, like the hot bamboo which I usually don't get but yesterday I really needed it.  The yelp review says "Whoohoo! As good as it gets!" And that describes Sharon.  I like her new location at Gold Coast Mall because it gives me the opportunity to do other shopping there when I go for a massage.
~ Mary P
Sharon is a true miracle worker and her new space although very cozy, is everything you need to start or end your time at OCMD. I would highly recommend 90 minutes and the hot bamboo. You will not regret making this appointment. Lower back pain that I've been dealing with for months Sharon managed to heal away in one session. 
I can't say enough about how great she is and how incredible you'll feel after the session. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! Thank you! ~Joseph C